Power Reduction Set Blue


Our “Power Reduction” Rings are precision manufactured parts that reduce the power of your Steambow considerably.

This is especially helpful for training purposes, e.g. on an 3D-Parcour, because it preserves the targets and makes it easier to retrieve the arrows. For other purposes, like hunting very small game, it is also helpful not to use full power. The lifespan of your arrows will also increase considerable.

The special design makes sure that you lose no accuracy and precision with this reduced power level. With these “Power Reductions“ the forward travel of the pistons is limited by a mechanical stop. This makes sure that every limb reaches the same end position. This also reduces the needed air volume per shot, therefore a lot more shots are possible with one refill of the high-pressure air tank


Just lowering the operating pressure in not a suitable way to reduce the power level of your crossbow! You will loose accuracy and misses of your target will occur!

Some paintball regulators are adjustable and can deliver a lower output pressure. With a lower pressure the limbs are not able to fully bend and therefore store a lot less energy. While this obviously reduces the power level the limbs have now no defined forward position. This can lead to reduced accuracy and dependable shooting is not possible anymore. We strongly suggest to use Power Reduction rings when you want to lower the power level.

But, in combination with the Power Reduction, it makes sense to also lower the operating pressure. Therefore, the efficiency of your Steambow will be improved, leading to even more possible shots per refill. Make sure that both limbs can still reach their end-position when you reduce the operating pressure.

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