Steambow PowerUnit for Excalibur Micro 355, black


Fits on:

-Excalibur Micro 355

The Power Unit, the heart of our Steambows, can of course be installed on your crossbow. This involves no permanent modifications to your crossbow, and just takes a few minutes. As soon as our Power Unit is mounted to your crossbow, you have a fully functional Steambow – with all of the advantages. And you can use your upgraded crossbow without compressed air at any time, just like any other Steambow. This allows you to stay flexible and use your crossbow however you wish.

Attention: You need an Excalibur stringing aid or access to a bow press to remove the string from your original Excalibur crossbow.

We have to configure and adjust the Power Unit for the specific crossbow model before we deliver it to you. At this time, we only offer such upgrade kits for crossbows from the Canadian manufacturer Excalibur. Excalibur Crossbow Inc. has been building top quality hunting crossbows for professional users for over 35 years – the perfect platform for our Power Unit.

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